UOR gift card deals

I was wondering if anyone has ever seen discounts on Universal gift cards? Like, when I was able to buy Disney gift cards for 10% off at Meijer. Figured it could be worth trying to save a few bucks for our May 2023 trip. Just never occured to me until today to be on the lookout for UOR discounts med gift cards!

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I’ve looked and had no luck. But that’s because they just don’t sell Universal gift cards at stores near me in the Midwest. I even tried warehouse clubs online (Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s) and they don’t have them either.

The only place I’ve found them is Universal’s website. Not at a discount, but free shipping. I’ve used them for souvenir money for my kids, for budgeting purposes. I wish I could buy them at Meijer, as well.

UO gift cards are hard to come by. I’ve only seen them in CityWalk. I got one after doing the NBC Media Survey. I had planned on keeping it to reload it, but they kept it at Voodoo Doughnuts when I paid. (I forgot tot ask for it back, but they didn’t ask me either)

I wish there was a Universal Visa / MC / AMEX

Once I cash out the Disney Visa points I have I will switch my spending card to an airline card.

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That’s a bummer (but not too much of one). No point in getting a UOR gift card unless I can get one at a discount to save money. Otherwise, I should just use my Disney Visa to pay for things at UOR and at least get my 1% back.

I did the same thing recently. My JetBlue card is now my spending card instead of my Disney card.

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I wish they sold them in stores, in general. I buy Disney gift cards at Target with a Target card to get the 5% off, and I wish they sold Universal ones too.