UOR at Christmas time

We are planning an early Dec trip to WDW for MVMCP and then UOR (will be our first time in UOR). What are the holiday decorations and festivities like? I have read that the parades and night show are underwhelming but was wondering about the parade with Macy’s floats?

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I’m curious as well as we are thinking about seeing Universal on our next trip.

Here’s the christmas universal website…

We were there a Christmas a few years ago and I remember seeing the Macy’s Christmas parade, it was pretty awesome.

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That is great to hear! Macy’s day parade is huge Thanksgiving morning viewing in our house. I will be star struck to see the floats in person!

Keep in mind, they are smaller as well as the balloons. The parade is a fun, mini version of the real deal. However, don’t expect the balloons to tower above your head like they do in NYC.