UO Seasonal AP 2023 Blockout Date Guestimate - Do you agree?

I’m planning ahead for a couple of trips in 2023, and would like to purchase the seasonal AP within the next month or to lock in the current price, but of course I’m taking a risk not knowing the exact black out dates for 2023. Assuming they follow the same pattern as 2022 blockout dates, I think the two trips I have penciled in are safe - but the riskier one of the two is my spring break trip - which falls between what are the known 2022 spring break blockout/concert dates and Easter.

Would love your opinions on the likelihood of these guesstimates being correct?
Also, when do AP prices usually go up? I heard a price hike might be coming in February. Do AP prices usually increase along with ticket prices?


At this point in time, I think your guess is probably the best possible guess. In 2019 (and schedule for 2020), the last concert was the last Sunday in March also. Who knows if they change things up, but this seems more likely than anything else.

Thanks to your mentioning of the concert blockout dates, I realized I overlooked that for my trip coming up for this March and was only looking at the two Spring Break full weeks. We’ll get there on the 20th with maybe a couple hours left of parktime if we choose to use it, so we’d be limited to IOA just that night and are clear the remaining days. We’ll be fine with that, but I’m glad I know it ahead of time.


Cool, thanks. Enjoy your trip - glad your one blockout will not come as a surprised! I’d look forward to reading your trip report.

Also, just today I looked up Orlando schools spring break for 2023 and it seems to coincide with that week in 2023, so I’m pretty confident the pattern will stay the same.

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Resurrecting this thread. We’re 7 months closer to 2023. Anyone have any updated information on blackout dates? If @Ariel79 's guess is accurate, it might work out for us, too.

We’re considering a trip March 19 - 24, in the parks 20-23. Would we still get hotel/food discounts for the blackout dates?

I cannot believe how much hotels cost for next March, and maybe this is a way to make it more palatable.