UO quick service close time

My DD and I are at UO for 3 days this week and tried to have a quick service meal at 6:15 at US but found that almost all of the dining locations were closed or closing. The park was open until 8:00. After searching through New York and San Francisco we found the last pizza at Simpsons and they were closing up too. Is this normal operating procedure? If so, Why?

That’s a good question. I don’t typically eat in the parks in the last couple hours before park close, but I do remember on my trip in 2015, we were routinely eating at Mel’s Dine-in in USF around close. I seem to recall eating at the Three Broomsticks in IOA within an hour or so of park close as well in the past.

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What I have noticed is that they want you to eat lunch in the parks and dinner in Citywalk. We were there 1/2-6, a pretty busy time and yet very few Citywalk restaurants were open for lunch (both Antojitos and Big Fire, the first 2 we tried). Then they make food really hard to get in the evening at the parks. I think it is a way to get the restaurants in the parks closed earlier, and yet still get you to eat at the restaurants in Citywalk which stays open until 2am.


I guess that makes sense about City Walk. I was really surprised when I went to make a reservation at Mythos and it closed at 5 pm, so I made our res for 4:30. I would have gone much later.


We should have tried the Wizarding world. We had lunch there so we were looking for something different. We wanted to see the Cinematic Spectacular so we wanted to stay inside the park.

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To add to what everyone has said… It is to start shutting down the park ASAP. (Payroll is the biggest expense for a company)

QS typically close 1 - 1.5 hours in advance based on popularity. I’m only a fan of the food in WWOHP. There are treats & drinks I like around the park but IMHO the overwhelming majority of QS at USF / IOA is “meh”.

I really do enjoy almost all the CityWalk dining options though!

Thank you for posting this. I think we’ll try to eat non-HP for lunch, to leave HP an option for dinner. I love Fish and Chips, but I learned in Manchester that I eventually get tired of even a really excellent version.

I’ve had real Sheppard’s Pie and have to say the one in the WWOHP is really solid. So, maybe that’s an alternative for you. The seafood pie is kinda “meh”.

I love the cottage pie as well. I can’t vouch for authenticity, but it’s tasty.

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