UO & IOA touring plan together

I will be traveling to Universal Studio in late September and I want to make a touring plan which mirrors my plan for a specific day which includes early access to IOA, but then we’ll be going park to park fairly early in the day so we can go on the Potter rides at the Studio. I cannot do a dual park touring plan, or can I and just can’t figure out how to??? HELP

You can only have one park in a plan, so you will have to make several plans if you are planning to go from park to park and/or ride the HE. The trick is to work out the plan for the first park, Optimize it, and then use the ending time to determine the start time for the next park’s plan.

See http://touringplans.com/universal-studios-florida/touring-plans/adults for some pre-made examples of multi-park plans.

Got it! Thanks so much for the reply and link to other example plans. My concern is doing some of the DA rides in the afternoon vs. earlier in the day when we’ll be taking advantage of 1 hour early access, but we have Express (staying at Poto Bay) so I am hoping we’ll be ok. This will be our first trip to either Universal Park.

Right now there is no early entry or express access at Diagon Alley. If you aren’t in line for Gringotts before it begins running in the mooring (USF gates unofficially open 30min early) the the best times to ride are lunchtime and late afternoon.