Unusual Characters for Autographs

My family and I will be visiting WWD the week after Thanksgiving this year. My son who is 10 wants to get autographs of characters he doesn’t already have. He pretty much has the basics: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, Eeyore, Pooh and Tigger. He is not interested in any of the princesses. :slight_smile:

Can you all give me some additional ideas of who we can meet and where? Also, he doesn’t want to stand in super long lines for autographs either.

Thanks so much!

There are tons of additional character meetings. We have loved meeting Alice and the mad hatter, AK has lots of good ones, all the Star Wars ones at HS, etc. we met Olaf this last time and it was great. You can check out the character tab on the MDE app. It has a list of which characters can be found in the different parks. Also, Kenny the Pirate web site is my go-to character resource. There’s a small fee but it’s got tons of info on characters.

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We are going in October, so we haven’t met any of these yet, but here are the “unusual” meets we have plans to do: I don’t know if Russel signs autographs, but he and Dug (from Up) meet in Animal Kingdom next to It’s Tough To Be A Bug. That’s supposed to be a great meet. Baymax in Epcot is unusual? and has a short line, but doesn’t sign autographs, so you are hereby warned. Joy and Sadness from Inside Out meet in the same place (Innoventions East) and sign autographs, but their line is much longer. What about Gaston (outside of his Tavern in Fantasyland)? He is supposed to be a lot of fun. So are Fairy Godmother and the stepsisters from Cinderella, behind Cinerella’s castle :relaxed:

Tarzan in AK and Mary Poppins in United Kingdom at Epcot don’t have WDW photographers, so be sure to have a camera along. Tinkerbelle’s line in the Town Square Theater is much shorter than Talking Mickey’s. Gaston is indeed fun. Like @awspoede, Kenny the Pirate is my favorite site for character info, including ideas for interacting with them.

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Their not unusual but my girls enjoyed meeting Chip n Dale. . We are hoping to meet Peter Pan, Buzz, Woody and Jessie next trip.

Does he have/want Jake (& the Neverland Pirates), Mr. Incredible/Frozone, Wreck-It-Ralph or Baymax? We saw all of them at HS last year or the year before, not sure if Baymax is still there and what Wreck-it-Ralph’s status is.
You can also meet Chewbacca and Kylo Ren in the Star Wars Launch Bay at HS.

They also have the green army man from Toy Story usually roaming around Pixar Place!

Anyone know if Phineas & Ferb are still at HS? Can’t remember if they were there our last trip in December.

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions and for pointing me in the direction of Kenny the Pirate’s website! Good stuff there!

Sounds like we’ve just scratched the surface even without the princesses. We’ve been to WDW several times and only did autographs when we was 3, since then he’s had no interest, but apparently does now. :slight_smile:

Absolutely agree with @awspoede and @mkmuzzy - Kenny the Pirate is great a character locator. Also, at the holiday parties you can meet some hard-to-find characters. Best of luck!

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