Unused park tickets and a thank you

Two things

First - I ventured onto another Disney forum and was unpleasantly surprised by the general tone and interactions there and how people spoke to each other. Granted I have seen some differences of opinions here, particularly over the past year, but I feel like conversations have always remained respectful in addition to being a tremendous amount of Disney information and people more than willing to help. I’m really glad to have found this forum and appreciative of all the questions I have had answered and new information I have learned.

Second - just wondering if there are options for unused ticket purchases during Covid times? I know they are non refundable and will continue to hold their value, but what if the people who they were bought for never plan to go again? We have APs, otherwise I would consider purchasing them off of them and using them in the future, but with all the unknowns currently, I didn’t want to be stuck covering their ticket cost and not being able to use them for a year or two. Just wondering if there are any other options I wasn’t aware of especially with all the new Covid rules.


I’m a total newbie here, but I know my park tickets are dated and if unused they would expire at the end of my trip…unless I’m totally misunderstanding how that works. Can anyone confirm? I, too, have wondered about unused tickets.

If you have tickets for let say 6 days and you go on your trip and only use 5 days that one extra day will expire and you can’t use it.
if you have 6 day ticket and do not use any days of the ticket before the expiration date you can use the value of the ticket to purchase new tickets at the new rate.


I know for sure if you let them expire unused they hold their value and you can apply it to a future ticket purchase.