Unused Disneyland Ticket - what do I do?

I hope this isn’t against the rules here, but I bought a ticket for Disneyland without realizing my friend was already buying mine. Stupid mistake. I called Disney and of course they confirmed the ticket is non-refundable. Has anyone had success with buying or selling tickets on ebay or craigslist or anything?

I have bought tickets on ebay once. everything turned out fine, but i know its a big risk, so you might not get lucky and sell it. maybe you can sell it to someone you know? I dont think i would trust craigslist to sell the tickets.

I think they are good for a long time even if they have an expiration date. I’ve heard of people exchanging unused Disney Parks tickets that have expired for new ones so maybe in the far future you’ll want to go back and you can use it then. Do you have a good rating on Ebay? That may help you sell it there. Good luck!

Jamie, for how many days is the ticket for?

Just one day