Unsure about Terrace Firework Dessert Party Time

I hope someone can help me. We will be at Disney World for our first trip 6/3-6/10. On Thursday we have reservations for the dessert party, but it lists it as starting at 6:10 pm. Wishes isn’t until 10:00 that night. I called Diseny and they told me to show up one hour prior to Wishes which is what I had already read but I’m not understanding why my reservation shows such an early time.

Because Wishes changes from day to day they set it to 6pm but you actually just show up an hour before Wishes.

Please let us know how it is after you go. We have an ADR for it in July and I’m wondering if it’s worth the $ and keeping the kids up late.

If it’s after July 4th the opinion will be different lol. The price is going up and the experience is changing a little. We really enjoyed it last year but I would never pay $50 for it.

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Thanks for the input. I’m doing all of the planning (still can’t believe how much of that it takes) for our entire trip. I think it’s easier that way but it is a lot of pressure! Just afraid I’ll miss something I should have known. I’ve read mixed reviews about the dessert party. If it was just my husband and I, we wouldn’t be doing it. But this is a surprise first trip for our boys (7 and 4 years) and I think it will add a lot of magic for them.

I’m with you, Outer1. We went in 2013 and had a good time but there is just no way to justify $50 for desserts. We felt weird paying $30.