Unplanned Trip: No HS Availability

Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I decided (kind of on a whim) to take my youngest on a trip to WDW during his Fall Break (basically Columbus Day weekend). Sounds great, right? Well, it just so happens that is the ONE time when there is no availability to reserve HS and he loves Toy Story Land and Star Wars.

How long until someone starts an alert service for park availability like MouseDining?

Any ideas on when to check for availability?


BTW It said the same thing for me when I bought tickets a week ago for that same week (My daughter gets Mon and Tues off every year in her school district so we try to do something each year) and I was still able to reserve it. Have you tried actually reserving? I was shocked I was able to get the park passes since it said the day was out on the official calendar but I did…they are there and I can see them in My Plans.

I haven’t yet because I am waiting on them to arrive. Doh! I love the price of the military discount tickets, but I hate the wait for them to arrive from SOG. They used to send you an image of your ticket information before they mailed them, but they stopped that. Womp womp.

I’m crossing all my appendages that is the case for us, as well, when they arrive.

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Looks like they have been adding availability closer to the dates sometimes, so you may have luck if you just keep checking. I hope you are able to get it!