Unpinned posts stay pinned

In the main "category" view, there is a column "Latest" which should theoretically show the three most recently active topics in that category. Like in the "Latest" view itself, the pinned posts show at the top. However, unlike in the "Latest" view, when you unpin a post, it STILL stays at the top of the category view. In other words, unpinning a post doesn't work.

Here we see my current view of the Walt Disney World category. I have unpinned all three of those pinned topics, as is evidenced by the push pin icon pointing to the side rather than down. Yet, they're all still showing up there, blocking the view of the three topics that are actually the latest. This is highly annoying. I really hope Discourse will fix it. @daybreaker @LaurelStewart any chance?

@daybreaker any chance the DisCourse folks are working on this? Or is it a setting you folks can address locally?

I'll look into it. I should be able to test it on one of my other accounts - it could be a bug where the categories page isnt checking if the user un-pinned something, whereas the "Latest" page does. If thats the case I think it'll be relatively easy for the team to fix.

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Ok, I've filed the bug report.

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@daybreaker Why can’t we delete our PM threads? It’s messy to keep them all. Please help, thanks.

The bug report you filed - did they just ignore it? It’s been 9 months. The “unpinned” posts are still pinned.

@daybreaker this is the same on my account as well. The pinned posts have no application to me, which is why I unpinned them, and yet they still remain at the top. Please let us know if this is fixable. Thanks!