Unofficial Guide touring plans vs. Lines app touring plans

I recently purchased the Unofficial Guide to WDW 2020 and then purchased a subscription to Touring Plans (and downloaded the Lines app). I noticed the touring plans listed in the Unofficial Guide and the Lines app have a different order of attractions (and sometimes different attractions completely). Which guide (the unofficial guide or the Lines app) should I be using? Thanks!

The Lines app has far more TPs than the book, so you can choose the ones that best fit your group and how you want to tour. Than being said, making personalized TPs is the best way to go.

Also, last I checked all of the TPs in the book were duplicated in the app. However sometimes the ones in the app where updated to reflect changes since the guide was published.


Welcome!! I usually pick a plan I like but make it a personalized plan by adding or taking away the things that don’t interest us, which then make it a personalized plan. I use the computer to make my plans because its easier but then you can access your olan via the app. Have fun planning!!