Unofficial Guide 2021 to buy or not to buy

Is the new version worth getting? Big book little change year to year. Does the new one tell about all the pandemic policies and park changes? Whatever happened to the unofficial guide companion with all the pictures. Haven’t seen one for years and it is much smaller and better for those of us who have been to WDW recently

Ah, the Color Companion book. Was due to be revised in 2020. I think 2022 now.

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I ended up buying both in the Kindle version. One problem though, I bought the Universal kindle version at a discount first and then went to buy the WDW version at a discount of $1.50 but it would no longer include the discount and told me there was a problem getting the discount and to contact Unofficial Guide about the problem. Bought the Kindle WDW version anyway and paid the $11.99 for it. So take this as a notification of a problem in the purchase.

I bought both, I love having it on my kindle and reading anytime I have a few minutes. My DH likes having a physical book he can sit and read thru and make notes in.

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I buy it yearly to support @len and TouringPlans. The amount of work they do and the amount I have learned from them has made many a vacation easier for me, going back to the first guide I purchased for my honeymoon in 2004. I’m not even going this year and I picked up the 2021 edition and will pick up the 2022 edition when it drops in the fall for my Feb 2022 trip.

In my mind, the cost of the guide year to year along with a TouringPlans subscription is a drop in the bucket of the cost of one Disney vacation… So it’s worth it.


I felt like this years version is well worth the buy. Mainly because of COVID, they do talk about a lot of procedures, closures, and things like FP+ and the DDP not being offered. Those things alone make it worth it to me as a snapshot in time (hopefully) to look back on when the World is back to normal and remember how insane things were lol.


Just got the email that mine is on the way! Yesssssss! Lockdown reading material lol

The new one definitely includes all the policy changes. We were updating it through the end of February, so the only thing that’s changed so far is the mask policy for photos.

Also, the touring plans don’t assume use of FastPass, so those are good bases from which to start.


Ditto and I enjoy reading it. It’s entertaining to me. I read it cover to cover every year and I guess because it’s just once a year I forget enough of it that’s it’s still enjoyable next year since a lot of it stays the same. I do feel like either I don’t remember a lot of these quotes this year or they are updated. I want more of these guides too. The Vegas one was great. I want a Tokyo one with Disney and an update on Paris Disney. And do the whole city. I’ll buy em all. :-).

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One thing I appreciate in the 2021 book is that it left the info for the closed places. Our trip is Jan 2022 so I imagine all those places will be open by then. I don’t need to make final dining decisions until mid_Nov when I’ll have the 2022 book in hand. But having the 2021 sooths my need to plan. Some dining places are rising to the top.


I had no idea. I went several years without buying an Unofficial Guide because I didn’t know if we would ever be able to go back. There was a color companion? I need to find one of those.

I do miss the old Mini Mickey. It was great to recommend to friends who were going to go to WDW and exclaimed that they could never read the whole Unofficial Guide.