Unofficial Guide 2021 Chapters for Review

I’ll be posting the UGWDW2021 chapters for review here. Fact-checking, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

Here’s a link to the Google Drive folder with the files so far. Let me know if y’all can read them.

Individual chapters

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Yes that works, thanks!


Geez Len, looking at these documents makes me really realize how it’s next to impossible to write the 2021 guide. There seems to be so many ways Disney alone could modify operations and capacity that could wipe out chapters. Sorry…


By my count the number of days WDW closed was 117. You have 118.

Last day open was Sunday March 15th

Days Closed
16 days in March.
30 days in April.
31 days in May.
30 days in June.
10 days in July.
Total of 117 days.

Re-opening on July 11th.

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Math isn’t my strong suit. :rofl: Can you add this as a comment, please? It’ll test the ability to add comments, too.

Sure thing Len, it’s done. Keep up the good work.

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I’m planning a family vacation in January 2022. I can’t wait for the 2021 book because most of my planning will be in 2021 anyway. I will be reserving my resort rooms this January 2021 so I’m hoping WDW will announce their marathon weekend for Jan. 2022 because I’m trying to avoid very crowded times.

@len, in the first part you state that almost all DVC resorts are open.

All the DVC resorts at WDW are open. I wasn’t sure if you realised that and meant just VGC & Aulani aren’t or if this was written whilst Jambo was still shut.