Unlocked Magic?

I was listening to the World of DVC Podcast on my walk. The latest episode introduced Unlocked Magic. They said for $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year you would get the following tools:

  • unlimited text dining alerts
    -DVC room availability tool (that also tells you how many rooms are available in each category)
    -coming soon- wait time projections (I think that is what they said

They are also giving a three month free promo code

Show is on YouTube too. Here is the podcast link:


I just watched the part of the show that introduced it.

I’m intrigued how they find the number of rooms available, that could be useful.

I laughed when Paul was definitely suggesting the dining alert would take you straight to the confirmation screen, and then slipped in “and sign into MDE” - like every dining alert system then? :joy:

For me personally it wouldn’t be worth the subscription. But I might look into the free introductory offer just to play around with it.

I am going to see if I can get the three free months to see what the room tool is. Every other tool seems like their version of tools that have been available in other places for years. I kept on thinking, “I know at least one of you have talked publicly about using the room request feature on Touring Plans so no way do you think this is unique”.

Edited to DS: I sent the email about 90 minutes ago and they sent me a code already. No way I can look at it until next weekend, but I will.



More paid for advantages.


They are also advertising an online community where experts help each other on different Disney topics. “Not Facebook but this will be unique”.

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Oh! I just remember they also highlighted their lowest ticket calculator!

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I’ve been playing around with this for a few days. We are super new to DVC, but the best tool seems to be the availability tool showing the number of remaining DVC rooms by type on a calendar display. The reservation finder is similar to others (pay for use), but does not include events/tours like similar searches elsewhere. Commend them for trying, hope some of it sticks around.

The DVC room tool is the only tool Touring Plans does not have?

Yes, I believe so. Being super new to DVC, not sure how important this really is for planning. But seems like good data to know about. “Worth” the cost……questionable.

Pilot testing a few reservation finder searches. Nothing popped so far.

The Touring Plans chat seems more informative.

How did the ticket search work out? I’ve used the TP one several times.

I’m still puzzled by this venture.

Paul Krieger runs the DVCFan website, and also writes for DVCRentalStore and WDWInfo. This is yet another site he’s involved with, this time with a podcast which I think has only been running a year (given that episode is #20 or 21).

That’s a lot of sites to be a major contributor to, so why start up yet another one. It seems they could all be self-referential. Currently for example if you look at DVCFan, there is a Buy & Sell tab, which opens up DVCRentalStore. That’s just one example.

And the only new tool is the availability one. I’m not sure how they get the info for it, but DVC could shut that down in an instant - if they had half-decent IT …. oh, wait. :roll_eyes: But the point is, that could leave this new site with no USP.

All of those are under The Dis Unplugged umbrella or World Of DVC. I think he is being directed, not initiating

World Of DVC works very closely with DVC Fan/The Dis Unplugged

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Marissa and Derek used to be regulars on podcasts (Welcome Home Podcast and My DVC Points Community) on regular basis as former guides who then worked for DVC Resale. Kerri was a former Disney Ambassador, and worked for the company (last job on Club 33 WDW) who was permanently laid off during Covid. She is a co-founder of the Ears to Each Other Facebook page. When she was let go from Disney she started working for DVC Rental. About that same time those two companies merged with Monera (DVC resale financing) and became the World of DVC and they started sponsoring DVC Fan.

About a year ago Paul and his wife took jobs with the world of DVC. I think Paul is with rental and Amy is definitely with Monera. It is funny the relationship the World of DVC has with the Dis.

I know way too much about this….


I agree the only new tool is that availability one. Is there an alert with that like the old DVCapp?

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No more than me LOL

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I looked at that availability tool last night. I might check it for the next couple of months but I can’t see myself paying for that tool.

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Is it pretty much the DVC rental store availability calendar?

Yes, but it tells you how many rooms are available each day too. I looked up my home resorts to see how many studios were available on the green days.

Ooh, that is nice. Might be worth it briefly when I am trying to book for Spring break 2024 to know where to make wait lists if I don’t get what I need. But very niche use.

I’m still suspicious about that info anyway, since even Member Services can’t see the number of rooms available.

They must have someone who has inside IT knowledge of the DVC booking system to be able to get that data.

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It is also funny that it also says it is pulled the 2x a day (like that public tool).