Unlimited Express

We have a trip to WDW/Universal planned for Jan 24-29, spending one day in each park. We will purchase the Park to Park for Universal so that we can ride the Hogwarts Express both ways. We just found out about a special Harry Potter event on the 29th and 30th. Are we nuts to consider going on the 29th, in terms of crowd levels? I was thinking that we’d go earlier in the week to see everything Potter, and then just the two HP die-hards would re-do HP on the 29th.

What is your opinion on purchasing the Unlimited Express for two days that week, one being the 29th? I know it’s not valid for some of the HP rides (nor would we want to skip the line experiences for some of the rides). Do you think it’s necessary?


Park will be crazy nuts busy around wwohp areas. I would wait and buy express day of if needed. In 1 day you won’t have time for unlimited exp pass You will be best getting single use per ride exp pass instead. They sell it for single or both parks.

Thanks for the reply. We’ll be buying our tickets in advance to save money. Can we add on single use per ride express passes when we’re at the park?

yes you can actually buy then in park after the turnstiles. So I would suggest rd hit a few rides then decide. You might only need them after you hop to your second park. We were planning on buying them in park last visit which was week after Easter 2013 but didn’t need them.

Thanks - I think you’ve saved us some money!

No problem just re read your post. You will not need exp pass for your first day in Jan. Hit Dispicible Me at rd as queues for that get long. Gringotts is best done 90 mins before park close. Leave things like Jurassic Park discovery centre to your second day . If you subscribe to the Uni part of tp website ( its about $4 to add on to wdw sub)there are custom premium tp you can access ( the 2 day tp under adult plans are good) and there is a uni lines app also.

I did our Universal/IOA touring plans yesterday. The IOA plan on Friday leaves us with over two hours of projected free time and finishing the plan at 3:45pm. So I think we’ll have plenty of time to repeat IOA stuff or move on to Universal, which will be more crowded on Saturday. They do have us doing Despicable Me first, but the projected wait at Gringott’s at 10:20 is only 13 minutes. No one in our group is interested in Jurassic Discovery Center anyway. We’re hitting Harry Potter hard, and the coaster loving members of our group will ride all of the coasters. Three of the rides on our plan are water rides guaranteed to soak us, so we might end up with more time if we skip those. No one wants to be wet all day if it’s a cool day in January.