Unlimited Express - worth it?

We are spending six days at WDW then jumping to Universal for two. I’m really tempted to spend an extra $300 to go from Cabana Bay to Royal Pacific just to get the unlimited express for 2 days (nicer, closer hotel is a bonus too). Crowd levels only show a 3 but it’s a Friday and Saturday so I’m not sure that’s right (Nov. 17-18).

It’s our first trip to US and I have no idea what to expect, but hoping for some feedback to know if it’s worth it! I don’t want to throw money away but I also don’t want to spend thousands on a vacation and then skip a few hundred that might make a huge difference in our experience. Thank you!

We always spend a night at a Universal Hotel that provides the Express Pass. It’s amazing to be able to walk on to almost every ride and now the Harry Potter rides are included. Would be a no brainer for me. We like Royal Pacific as well. Easy walk to the parks.

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I would switch to RPR to get the unlimited express pass. It is definitely worth it! we won’t go to Universal without it, and the hotel is beautiful and quite a step up from Cabana Bay. Enjoy!

I agree with everyone else. Express Pass is well worth the money, especially for a first trip when you are trying everything out. Express Pass will allow you to do what you want at a relaxed pace.

Definitely worth it

Even if queues are short when you go. You will still save time and can repeat any rides you like

Do HP world at ropedrop and if you fancy the olivanders experience do that first as that will be the longest wait time if you leave it til late even with the fastpass

Without a doubt- so worth it!

Easiest decision you’ll make all trip - absolutely worth it! We love RPR, and the walk to the parks is quick and lovely.

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