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Never been to Universal before but are going in a week. Have been to WDW and got their Memory Maker both times and loved it. So, we think we want the Universal photo package but it seems very different from the WDW one. We only have 1.5 days in the parks (might do the next morning too) and our group will often split up. It says $89 for one card, but if we are split up does that mean we need 2 cards for our 2 groups? Is this even worth is for such a short time? I don’t know how many pics there will be but I tend to buy any pic that is any good. I have kids and will go over to characters for pics, also we like the ride pics. Do I need to buy in advance?

They will give you 2 cards with 1 package. We got lots and lots of ride pics, and we met Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 so we got those pics too. We only saw 1 roving photographer but @steenaca who was there just after us saw loads and had tons of pics! I wouldn’t pay full price if you’ll only be there 1.5 days but I bought mine in the Black Friday sale last year.

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I read on the TP website (should have looked there first…) that they delete your photos at the end of the day if you don’t buy them. I’m sure I’m going to buy the 3 day photo package. If I link it at the start of day 1 will they keep all of our photos for the whole 3 days or do we need to go and have them link it again at the end of each day?

They do delete your pics at the end of the first day if you haven’t bought them or the package, but once you’ve got it you’re fine. They won’t delete any that have been added to your card. Make sure to stop after each ride to get them. It does delay you a couple of minutes but it’s not too bad.

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I found this really helpful before we went. It’s long though!


And in addition, unlike Disney, the pictures are there forever. I can go back into the website and still see my images from 2015!

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That is very helpful, thank you!

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You’re welcome!

Disney ones disappear eventually? I will have to make a note of that. This Universal vacation started out a Disney vacation with Universal tacked on. But, turned into two different vacations. So, thanks for telling me.

The last time I had a Disney package was in 2016, but at that time, you had a set period of time within which to download the pictures. I believe it was 60 to 90 days, or something like that. After that time, they were gone.

It’s 45 days.

Geez! Worse than I remembered! Thanks for clarifying!

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It’s really not long. It made me so sad as they started disappearing from my account :joy:

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