Universal's bottled water policy

So, I saw this on Facebook, and figured it was some sort of overhyped rumormongering that the Internet has been made for. But the Sentinel is usually pretty good on fact checking before they publish a theme park-related story.

In short:
Universal Orlando is currently not allowing guests to bring bottled water or other liquids into CityWalk or its theme parks. Spokesman Tom Schroder said in an email “this is the result of a review of our procedures and is not permanent.” He would not say how long the ban would last.

I get it…people sneak alcohol into the parks in water bottles. But there has got to be a better way than a ban on all liquids. (And do they really mean all liquids – even those that are a case of medical necessity?)

Has anyone been to Universal recently and attempted to get in with a contraband Dasani?

What? People sneak alcohol into theme parks? Dole Whip Flavor Additive, yes, but alcohol - no way! :wink: Not that I have any experience with this, as I hate Dole Whips with or without “additive”, but I have heard rumors about this. OK, I have read posts about this. And seen pictures of “additive” in those posts…

UOR has done things like this in the past - if I recall correctly, they had a total outside food/drink ban at one point, but that was relaxed. But even then, I believe that there was a medical exception, so I think the same would apply to the current liquid ban.

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It’s not DWFA, it’s just DWA. Get it right. :wink:

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We took bottled water into the uni parks last Thurs/Fri/Sat with no bother - bags were not checked at all.

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And I didn’t even have to say your name three times. :smiley:


This is all very annoying. Universal’s website says that bottled water is OK: https://www.universalorlando.com/Resort-Information/What-to-Bring.aspx

Last week I ordered a case of water specifically so my family could bring it into the parks. I really wish they would explain what the deal is. This is an example of very poor communication by Universal.

What gets me is that if the problem is they don’t want people getting drunk at Mardi Gras in their parks, there are laws against being problematically drunk in public. Enforce those, regardless of how the liquor got into the park. Or only allow factory-sealed bottles of water in. There are ways to handle this.

There’s no way to make it look like anything other than trying to increase drink sales, even if that wasn’t the original intent. Anyone remember Dodger Stadium opening with no water fountains? Totally an oversight, not to increase drink sales. I’m sure that Universal’s policy is “totally an oversight”….right?

Heads up everyone: filtered water is available for free at all Coke freestyle machines. Bring empty bottles or cups and you can refill there.

As of this morning the liquids ban has been lifted.

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Ah, the power of negative press. :smile:
Thanks for the update!