Universal with Kids during COVID

Hi All -

A couple of random questions about touring UOR in the times of COVID:

  1. We will have Express Passes through HRH. For attractions that accept UE, will we save any time doing Rider Swap with our kids, or should we just approach UE each ride through?
  2. I have read that the kids’ play areas (e.g., Camp Jurassic) are closed. Does anyone have an idea if they will reopen any time soon? It seems like a shame for outdoor play areas to be closed.
  3. For water rides, are open-toed shoes acceptable (i.e., flip flops)? At Disney we often change our shoes just before wet rides but I know some parks don’t allow this.

I may come back with more questions later.

Thanks in advance!

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You can wear flip flops on the water rides, as far as I saw. Just can’t be barefoot. Definitely do so, since you will get absolutely drenched. (Jurassic River Adventure is a different story…you will barely get splashed on that one.). A change of clothes might be considered as well if it is too humid out to actually dry off. Last August, we were drenched and it took a couple hours to dry out. This was a shame, because, embarrassingly, I made the mistake of wearing almost white shirts with super bright underwear underneath. So for about 2 hours, everyone could see my skivvies! :laughing:


For most rider swaps at universal everyone goes through the queue together. Once you get the ride vehicle the parent and child go the child swap room. After the riders ride the parents swap and the waiting parent rides again. You don’t have to go through the queue again for the second person to ride.


What gets you more wet - Ripsaw Falls or Bilge Rat Barge?


Ripsaw gets you absolutely drenched. Bluto gets you absolutely soaked.


I mean, maybe Ripsaw is slightly less soaked. But we came off both pretty much as though we had gone swimming with our clothes on. Bluto we just went swimming for longer.


Is that still the case with COVID?

I don’t know.

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Yes, as of January you still went through the line together until you made it to the ride, but the waiting areas have generally been moved to outside at the the ride exit or the gift shop at the end of the ride, etc. so people aren’t cooped up in the little waiting rooms.

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Thanks! That’s helpful. I really like Universal’s way of doing rider swap - it saves a ton of time. But I was worried without the waiting rooms it would make it impossible to keep the same protocols.

:joy::joy:Thanks! DD18 and I got quite a chuckle out of this. I do not like getting wet on rides but we’re thinking to make one or the other or both the last ride(s) of the day one day.


Haven’t we all done that?

I think it was longer than 2 hours for me. I even tried using the hand air dryer in the bathroom. Nada.

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