Universal vacation package deal or no deal?

Hi all - So today I booked a two night hotel and 2 day 2 park ticket vacation package through the Universal site. Looking things over, it seems as though booking this package has cost more than booking hotel and park tickets separate. Am I missing something here?

I’ve noticed that as well. If you are booking a offsite hotel, the only advantage I can see is that you get Early Entry if you book through Universal.

Is your package on-site or off-site? Does is include UXP? Which hotel?

I called and booked the Loews Royal Pacific. The price just seems a couple hundred dollars higher than when I was looking to book the hotel and tickets separate through the website. Maybe there are hidden fees that I am unaware of?

Always book Universal separately, the packages are always more. Plus tickets are cheaper through Undercover Tourist. We have used them many times for UOR and WDW tickets. I would cancel whatever package you have, rebook a room only through the Universal website, then get your tickets from Undercover Tourist or another reseller. These tickets are exactly the same as what you get from Universal, only cheaper!

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I will definitely look into it thanks

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I just did a quick 5 night / 4 day package at your hotel using September 20 - 24 as the time. The package was $1351.30 with tickets, EPA and UEX included.

The hotel & park tickets booked separately were $1365.10

3 adults, 2 nights over a weekend and 2- 2 day park hoppers $2200.00

I was just illustrating that I booked a package at your hotel and it was less. (Not much less though, but has the on-site bonuses.) Not trying to be negative. :smiley: I just wanted to see if I could figure out why you got this…

I’m not saying that is isn’t possible that somehow a package booked through UOR was more than booking separately. However, without having all your specific travel details I can’t find tell you exactly why.

I’d call UOR and ask. You should be able to get a price match.

If you happen to have a Costco membership they currently have a package for Portofino that’s even cheaper than Royal Pacific. We booked 9/19-9/23 for 4 adults and it was $470 cheaper than booking the same thing through Universal, and $250 cheaper than booking Royal Pacific through Universal.

It also comes with a $171 Costco cash card. We ended up paying $130 extra (total) to book club level but that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore.