Universal touring plan need help 6 nights staying on site

Help don’t know how to plan our trip to adults one 16 year old staying at Sapphire Falls for 6 nights with unlimited use of all three parks and early admission each day don’t know where to begin what park to start with or should we be moving around help with touring plan any ideas

With that amount of time, you don’t need to plan too much. Some people like to do US before IOA, so you can do Diagon Alley before Hogsmeade, like Harry Potter did. Try to see Diagon Alley at night as well as during the day. If you want to do the Minions ride, the lowest wait will be during early entry (if it’s offered at US while you’re there). It’s really easy to park hop there, either using the Hogwarts Express - which you should try to do both ways because it’s different - or by the front gates, the parks are right next to each other.

I can’t tell you anything about Volcano Bay, except it seems to be reaching capacity very early in the day. You can pool hop at the Universal hotels, you just need to show your room key.

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You’ve got plenty of time for the 2 theme parks

You will love them

My advice is get in early blitz a few hours then head back to your Hotel each afternoon to relax and recover

I would check out the trip advisor reviews big time before you go to Volcano Bay

Lots of people claiming it wasted a day of their holidays due to the chaos in the queuing at the moment

What time of year will you be going, Miranda? With 6 days, you will have more than enough time to hit everything in USF and IOA many times over, but whether it’s in the busy or slow season could make some difference in how you might approach things.

you will have MORE than enough time. Take advantage of early entry to hit Harry Potter and then really just watch the lines and do what you want. The awesome thing with US - must less planning needed.

we did a 4 day tour and found that this was well past enough time to do every single thing that was possible a few times over.

Planning wise, we much preferred the relaxed touring of Universal Studios as we found that once we were there we didn’t actually need planning like we did at Disney as the version of ‘fast pass’ that we had for staying at the Lowes Royal Pacific was enough to simply move from attraction to attraction in a circular direction and complete everything in the park.

It made much more sense to just look around and take it all in rather than rush to a schedule and we found that we managed to see and do everything much easier without any plan at all.

As you have gathered by now, you will really not need to plan too much. You have a lot of time on site, but you will not have EP. Your only real “concern” (and I use that world loosely) will be knowing what rides get very busy when. As @missoverexcited mentioned, you will want to hit Minion Mayhem first thing in the morning because the line builds quickly and stays long.

I am a gigantic Harry Potter nerd, so I always recommend seeing the HP areas at all times of the day and night. However, I seem to have the most success and shortest wait times doing the rides at the end of the day, right before close. Admittedly, I don’t know how them taking EP has affected this strategy, but it has worked well for me in the past.

The good news is, with 6 days, if a line is longer than you want to wait, just pass it by. It will probably be shorter some other time within your trip. If you have start having any specific questions as you plan, just ask!

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With express fast pass touring plans is better used just to minimise walking times than anything else as waiting times are low every ride