Universal TM Compliments - Twitter

For a while I’ve been assisting / doing Admin work for #castcompliments for Disney CMs. As most of you know, I’m as much a Universal fan as Disney. It occurred to me that the great TMs at Universal deserve the same recognition!! After a bit of reaching out & research it turns out that Universal does have a hashtag they use for this, but IMHO is vastly under publicized - #UOFistBump

Today, I decided to start the Twitter account @UOFistBump that highlights and retweets anyone promoting the hard work of Universal’s TM by using that hashtag - #UOFistBump. (I was shocked that no one else had already championed this!!)

I am reaching out to as many forums / theme park bloggers / podcasters in hopes you will help spread the word of this hashtag / account. If you could follow this account it would be a great benefit as well! (Especially now, as it’s brand new & would help “legitimize” the account!)

This account is completely unofficial, as is #castcompliments for Disney. I vow to never monetize, politicize or do anything other than promote the hard work & dedication of Universal’s TMs.

I appreciate any help getting this off the ground!


Not a blogger or podcaster but this is a wonderful idea! UOR TMs need compliments too :slight_smile:


If you are on Twitter, please, feel free to Follow the account. I just started this week and it needs all the likes / follows it can get! Thanks!

I do Follow back pretty much everyone that either posts or follows the account. :smiley:

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I don’t understand Twitter at all, but regardless I think this is a great idea.


Nice! I’ll be sure to use the hashtag on our upcoming trip in three weeks. Its a rough time for the Orlando tourism industry right now so shout outs and big tipping are in the plans!