Universal tickets

Hi everyone

Im thinking about booking two weeks in Orlando from the 20th of august till the 3rd of september for me the wife and my two kids.

We stayed in Saratoga Springs last May for two weeks and we didn’t really venture out of the Disney sites and regrettably didn’t visit Universal Studios. Ive seen a really great deal online for those two weeks but Im just trying to figure out whats best to do park ticket wise. I have seen 14 day 2 park tickets for Universal for almost £600 for the four of us and then Disney also on their multi flexible ticket for 14 days for another £1100. Im just trying to figure out is it worth getting tickets for less days? as I don’t want to spend the full 2 weeks in the parks.

Are you in UK. If yes I found the 14 day universal tickets cheaper than buying a multiday US ticket. But we wanted more time at uni. Price the buy 2 days get 3rd day free( need to buy from a US site) if only wanting a few days they might be cheaper. We have then bought 4 day tickets from Undrcover tourist for wdw. We added water parks to them. and saved quite a bit on the wdw 14 day tickets as we only want 4 days at wdw parks but kids want to go to BB and TL