Universal Tickets and plan

I am sure this is a very common question - . Wanted to take a day and go to Universal during our April 10 day visit to WDW, but at $450 for three of us I am in shock. Anyone know of any cheaper way to get tickets? We are not big roller coaster people, so don’t need the 2 days. Was thinking morning at Harry Potter and afternoon at Back to the Future, etc…???

Like WDW, Universal is a much better deal if you go for multiple days. We buy our tickets from Undercover Tourist but not sure there is much discount on a 1 day ticket anywhere.

Thank you.

As @Wahoohokie said, you will not get much of a discount, if any,on 1-day UOR tickets.

Also, if you want to do Back to the Future: The Ride then you will have to invest in a tricked-out DeLorean, as it closed in 2007 and was replaced by The Simpsons Ride. :wink:


Somehow I missed that in the original post. Loved that ride! Simpsons is great too though.