Universal tickets and Hagrids


We are off to Universal for the weekend tomorrow, staying at Lowes Royal Pacific. Do we pick up our park tickets when we check in? Originally thought we’d have to go to park entrance but we have express passes with the hotel?

Also, what’s the latest on Hagrid’s in terms of opening etc? Which park would you do on Friday and which on Saturday? Thanks!

You already bought your tickets? You should be able to get them at the resort.

Edited to add:

Have you read this thread?

You do not have park to park tickets?

We have bought them from our travel agent and got a voucher for them. Have park to park tickets

Will have a read of the thread thanks

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You should be able to get them at the hotel - we did at HRH. With Express Pass I wouldn’t really think about which park which day, unless one is closing early. It’s easy to hop anyway, either using Hogwarts Express or via City Walk.

If it is this weekend there will be HHNs each night. I would plan on hopping over to IOA later in the day.

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Got the tickets at the hotel. We did universal until about 3pm today and we had to give up as all tired. Only had 1 ride we wanted to do left so a very good day!


Sounds like a great day!