Universal Ticket Options

What are my options for purchasing tickets for Universal? Is there anywhere to get deals on tickets? I know for Disney the preferred way is to purchase through Disney, but I wasn’t sure if this was the case for Universal. I am looking for 2 day, park to park tickets. Thanks!

Get tickets from


I get mine directly from Universal. They often have a buy 3 days get 2 free in the Spring. They also often offer a discount on the Express Pass or even make it free if you get a ticket & hotel package from them too.


Be sure to check for any discounts you might be eligible for. In my case that was military.

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I have always bought my Universal tickets off of Undercover Tourist because they have always had the better deal. When Universal runs specials, I have always seen Undercover Tourist do it as well. For purposes of comparison, the Undercover Tourist tickets have the tax price included, while Universal does not.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! Right now it does look like Undercover Tourist has the best deal.

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Newby question… does it make any difference where/when you buy it other than price? For example, are they “print at home” vs. getting a piece of plastic mailed to you? Also, I need to buy an Annual Pass for the room discount; is direct from Universal the only place or do resellers offer those as well?

You can print at home, or get a paper ticket mailed. I’ve done both on different occasions. Guest relations was able to take my print at home one and give me a paper ticket. Some people don’t mind the folded paper size ticket, I prefer it to be smaller to fit in my lanyard, that’s why I changed mine.

Can you resize the ticket when you print it to fit in a lanyard? Most browsers allow you to resize things to fit certain sizes.

To be honest, I don’t really remember. I think they email it to you, and you just print it. If I remember correctly, it was like 1/3 of the page.

??? In general, I would say that the preferred way is to purchase from a trusted third party like Undercover Tourist, and the same holds for Universal.


To buy an actual annual pass, you would have to do it through Universal. However, you could save some money by buying a ticket through Undercover Tourist and then upgrading to a pass when you get to Universal, depending on what kind of pass you need.