Universal Ticket Bundle Savings

Hey all. Just a quick question about buying bundled one day 2 park Universal tickets with WDW tickets. On Undercover Tourist, you get a slightly discounted price by buying all your tickets together. However, when I go onto the Universal Studios website to compare tickets, I can’t see into February yet. So if I get tickets from Undercover Tourist now, will they work for Universal? It looks like there are specific season dates and I just want to make sure our tickets work if I go this way.

Contact Undercover Tourist - I have found them to usually be quite quick in responding to inquiries. In this case I would e-mail rather than call them, so that you have a documented record of their response in case there are any issues later on - not that I am expecting any, but it is good to have something else to go on other than “someone at your office told me…”


It has been my experience that unless it is specifically listed as having a certain expiration date, the tickets will good indefinitely. But if you have any concerns, I agree with @brklinck that you should email them.

For the most part, you should be able to use them at any time. One exception is the Buy 2, get 2 days free promo where you have to use the tickets before May 17. I’ve had excellent experiences with Undercover Tourist, so I’d ask them just to be sure.