Universal Table Service

We land at 6:15 pm on July 3rd. We’re spending three nights with two park days, 4th and 5th. We’re staying at the Lowes Royal Pacific so we get priority seating at restaurants. I’m planning to make a reservation at Mythos one of our park days and want to take my DS7 and DD5 to Toothsome at some point where there are no reservations or priority seating. The 5th looks like a heavy crowd day so I’m thinking to make Mythos reservations that night. Any suggestions for other table service reservations? We’re coming from CST, so maybe we try for Toothsome when we arrive and if we’re not up to it, try again on July 4th. The crowd calendar doesn’t look terrible for the 4th, which is why we’re doing universal before Disney.

Check the hours at Mythos. It usually closes fairly early.

We like CowFish, Margaritaville, Hard Rock Cafe. The service at Toothsomes was horrendous on our only visit.

I found the service perfectly fine, and the character interactions fun. I just thought the food wasn’t very good. Including the ridiculous milkshakes.

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I do think everyone should experience Toothsome but I agree, the food just isn’t that good.

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FWIW both service and food were exceptionally good at Toothsome the one time we’ve been. Looking forward to a return visit.

Funny, we really loved it our first time too but in three return visits, I have not had the same experience.

Oh that’s a shame. Hope it’s not a downhill situation.

Our food was fine, not great, but it took 2 hours to get a drink and a meal and two of them weren’t what was ordered.

Cowfish looks good. Is it necessary to make reservations with the priority seating?

They have an app. You register and then get on the list through the app. They also have reservations early (before 4:30?)

We went during the first week of February and it was fine. We ate everything family-style and the dessert was a sundae to make it easier to share.

If you were deciding between Mythos and Toothsome, I’d say Mythos. But Toothsome would be the second choice.

Don’t forget to taunt the troll under the bridge at Mythos.

we are staying at RP what restaurants give priority seating ? does this really work I’ve read that it’s a myth

CityWalk restaurants give you priority seating, it’s not immediate but you do jump the line of walk ups.