Universal Studios with young kids during Crowd 10 levels

Hi, I’ll be traveling to Universal Studio studios for 5 nights in October (7th-12th) for my kids’ Fall break.
Cabana looks like a great option for us (Even though I dislike the room theming)!

I see that crowd levels are expected to be level 10 for most days of our trip bc of the Halloween parties.

My kids will be 2.5 (she’s tiny), 6, and 8. We are planning on only riding rides for little kids 48 inches and under. We plan on doing 3 park days (US, IOA, and VB) with park to park passes…
My questions is should I strongly consider getting Express Passes?? I was thinking only the one day 2 park option bc 2 days would be out of our budget…
Are there enough rides for little kids that accept Express passes that would make it worth the cost? And do the rides for little kids get extremely long during level 10 days?? I’d rather not wait longer than 15-30 mins with little kids…

Thanks in advance!!!

All the kids ride except for pterandan flyers accept express pass. The sit down shows also accept express passes.

How many people were you thinking of getting the express pass for? Have you considered getting a deluxe hotel room and having two days worth of Express pass?

Thanks for responding.

The express passes would be for 4 ppl. My husband, me and 6&8 year olds. I did read about getting a deluxe room for a night or two. How does that work logistically?? We wouldn’t be going to the park arrival day since we will be arriving in the evening…

If we did a one night stay at a deluxe the first night we would be able to utilize one day of Unlimited express passes on our checkout day, right??

Is this how it works??

1 night at deluxe

Oct 7 Driving in arriving at 5pm CST @ Portofino

Oct 8 IOA with Express?? Check out of Portofino in AM/Check into Cabana that PM

Oct 9 Universal Studios?

Oct 10 Volcano Bay?

Oct 11 resort day

Oct 12 Driving home


2 nights at deluxe

Oct 7 Drive in arriving at 5pm CST @ Portofino

Oct 8 IOA with Express??

Oct 9 Universal with Express?? Check out of Portofino in AM/check into Cabana in PM

Oct 10 Volcano Bay

Oct 11 Resort day

Oct 12 Drive home

Which attractions would you ride? That would help determine if or how many days you need EP. Take a look at these height requirements for Studios (Woody’s Coaster will be closed) and Islands and report back.

Also, with the ages of your kids, I could see them having their favorite day of the trip at Volcano Bay. I’d consider actually starting there in case you want to go back.