Universal Studios/islands ONE day Memorial Weekend Help!

Help! We only have one day that we can be at Universal and plan to buy the Park-to-Park tickets. The Calendar is showing 9 and 10 for Saturday and Sunday but lower crowd levels for Monday, which is actually memorial day. I haven’t bought our tickets yet! Can I trust that the actual holiday will have lower crowds than the weekend? We are staying at Disney not Universal so no early entry and trying to make the best decision for our day. Any suggestions would be great!

Update: contacted touringplans for tickets and our travel agent actually found us a better deal for 1 day park to park with early entry than I could find anywhere online. Definitely reach out to them for suggestions.

Yes the crowd level has been consistently 2-3 notches lower over the years on that Monday vs. Saturday or Sunday.

Here is a 1 day plan. You can make a copy and customize as needed. Note that you will need the 2 plans because you are doing 2 parks in one day. Also note that if you want Early Park Admission, purchasing the tickets from a Touring Plans travel agent includes EPA.



Sounds like a busy weekend for sure!
I wouldn’t count on the crowds being noticeably lower from one day to the next.
With only one day in the parks I would suggest putting your priorities into a touring plan, see what’s feasible, and set your expectations accordingly.
Fingers crossed your have a great day and the crowds aren’t as bad as anticipated :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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Yes. Monday will be slower as most people use that as the departure day of their 3-day weekend.


How do I order tickets through touring plans?

Contact Annette annette@touringplans.com and tell her what you want and she will direct you.

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Locals usually do cookouts with families on actual Memorial Day. The crowds will be worse on the weekend.

I’ve seen Rick Flix at the parks on the actual Monday holidays and it’s quite quiet.


It’s also quiet on Mother’s Day and Father’s day! (My kid can take me there any time!)


Thank you bebe80 for this information. Made contact and have everything set up. She found us a great deal!

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Please share any info for others if you’re willing!

Also, let me know if you need help finding the EPA plans.