Universal: Split Stay - Cabana Bay & HRH

Hi all, thinking about doing a split-stay for Spring Break in March with the kids (2 adults, 2 kids: 11,12).

Was thinking of doing Cabana Bay for a couple nights and doing 1 day at Volcano Bay only.
Then, switching to the Hard Rock, staying 3 nights, and doing Studios and IOA for park hopping and Express Passes.

In my head, this seems like a good plan and could save some $$ on hotel on the front end with a big finish on the back end.

Does this seem like a logical plan or is it just silly?

Thanks in advance - haven’t been to Universal in a long time, and these kids have never been, so I’m a little rusty.



That definitely sounds like a good idea to me.


Sounds great to me too.
Cabana Bay is so handy for VB.
Hope you have a great time!


Thank you - now we’re debating doing it through Universal or doing it through the travel agent we’ve used in the past.


I’ve always just booked on my own on a 3rd party site and bought tickets separately.

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I stay at UOR often. I do spilt stays and this is totally reasonable! If you were trying to do just one night at either hotel to “try it out” or something then the logistics become silly!

Ask anything as often as needed!

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Thanks for that - as there aren’t any specials listed for that time of the year, it’s hard to say what may come up, but knowing we want to do Volcano Bay at least once, it seemed like staying close to it was ideal. And the price is nice. Of course, when we hit the parks, Hard Rock with the express pass is a heckuva perk.

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The ticket promotion is usually ongoing. This year, it was offered in early February for spring break. Buy 2 get 2 or whatever.

Also, three are a lot of activities that your kids are the prefect age to enjoy! There’s a bowling alley, S’mores cook-out, lazy river at the pool, milkshake shop and more!!

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Another question:

Do the Express Passes for Hard Rock only cover the time at the Hard Rock? I assumed that was the case, which is why we’d just do Volcano Bay while at the Cabana and hold off on the other 2 parks till we switched over to the Hard Rock.

The Express Passes are good for check in day and check out day of that Premier hotel. You can go to the hotel early in the am to pickup your room keys w/EP. (before the room is ready)

Many people only book 1 night at a Premier and get 2 full days of EP.


ooh, perfect. as long as we get our luggage there easily, we can roll over and then drop our bags and go!


Yep. Ride share is best for that.

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I’d recommend looking into getting an annual pass for yourself. You will definitely save $$ on your hotel reservations!

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