Universal site/app login issue

So, I have created an account for Universal’s site and app in the past, but seem to have forgotten my password. Usually I keep passwords in LastPass, but not this one

Anyhow, no problem. Just try the Forgot Password function. Only…in the app, it gives me an error. On the website, it says it emailed me a link to change the password, but no email came. I checked my spam folder.

Anyone else experience this with Universal?

There must be some undiscovered environmental phenomenon that affects app development in the Orlando area.


Is it the same password as the website? Have you tried it from there? I seem to remember I had that same issue once.

Same password and account for both, but I can’t get it working on either. Just different failures. I may have to call them.

I have a knack for breaking things.

I couldn’t log in yesterday, told me invalud password. I figured i must have forgot it. Now im not so sure.

They could have been making changes for the virtual queues? I’ve just logged in with no issue but didn’t try yesterday.

I tried again today. Same problem. So I sent them an email. I don’t know how long they will take, but I think I will need an account actually working by the time our trip comes.


I’ve been able to log in to the app with no issues. I did notice that forbidden journey and Hagrid’s had virtual queue wait times listen.

I was able to log in yesterday. Not sure what the or MY issue was, the first time.

Have you tried white listing the email address/website the password reset link will be coming from, just in case your email client is rejecting the email even before it gets to spam. Also I find at times I can typo my email address so I first type it into a text page - notepad or whatever and then copy/paste (make sure you do not leave any spaces) or copy out of a my contacts form.

Other possibilities - different email used to set up account, issues with the mail-server at the universal end of the connection, issues with the mail-server at your end of the connection, using a business connection where proxy/email rules have been changed since last successful access - the list can go on.

Your email to their support desk should help - if you get a response it would be less likely to be a mail-server issue.

Hope this helps

Yeah. I received an email from their system confirming I submitted a request.

I tried using both of my email addresses I use. Same problem exists with both of them.

Thanks for the thoughts, though. I think I am stuck until Universal looks into it.