Universal Seasonal Pass Upgrades

We have a seasonal pass, but want to go in July, which is a blackout month. We can upgrade our pass for $100/per ticket. Does anyone know if they let you prorate the cost of the upgrade based on the expieration date of your pass?

I do not have personal experience with this, but it was my understanding that the answer is no. You have to pay the full difference, regardless of when you upgrade.

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That is my understanding as well.

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Thanks for these replies! Have either of you been to UOR in July? Can you speak to the crowd levels, with or without Express Pass?

In 2015, I was there at the very beginning of July/end of June. We had Express Pass and it was doable. There were lines, of course, but not unmanageable. However, this year the new HP ride opens mid-June, so I would expect higher crowds than in years past.