Universal Room Discounts

My sister has asked me to join her next April for a trip to Universal. It will be the first time any of us have stayed on site. I have been looking at resorts. Can someone tell me about discounts? Where do you find them? When do they come out? How far in advance? Are they usually available? Her family will be there three nights. I am thinking I will be there two nights before my annual Disney trip.

3 nights or less try Orbitz with codes. 4 nights or more Uni stay more play more which is available now for next april. Uni have good cancelation policy for r/o 1 night in advance then either 5/7 days before to cancel for refund. So I would book what you want just now with Uni and then wait and see if Orbitz can beat it later this year and cancel your uni reservation if needed. Next April is peak until about 4th so little chance of discount until after that date. Also discounts are very small/limited compared to wdw as hotels get pretty full without discounting.

Thanks! Our vacation week starts the 16th but I will book the room as soon as I get my flight and know if it wil be two or three nights ( flying with points on SW).

We leave to fly home on 16th doing after 17 days in a villa then 4 nights at RPR. Have never stayed onsite at uni before and can’t wait

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I am looking at RPr! Actually considering club…

Nice we have booked the Jurassic Park Kids suite. Love staying club level but for theme park holidays we spend too much time in the Parks to make use of it. Check opening hours I know bfast is from 7 so you will be tight for EPA @8 but think you might be able to grab coffee and muffin to go . Think the evening hours are quite short also. If you email the concierge they will tell you.

Yes, I noticed it is only until 9:30. On the other hand, maybe I will save the money and upgrade at YC! Can I change these reservations as many times as I change my wdw ones?

Don’t know about change but cancel and rebook yes You might gave to pay 1 night on the new reservation and wait for the 1 night deposit to be refunded on the cancellation as I dont know if they will transfer deposit.

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