Universal right now

Quick questions:
How crowded is Universal on the weekends?
Will it get better after Halloween and before Christmas?
Most important, if you stay at the Royal Pacific or another lux hotel do you get to skip the lines?

If you stay at the deluxe hotels, you. will get the express passes. I have those in my plan for a December trip at RPR.

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Anyone know how well that’s working rn? Found weekend crowds at DS a little scary so thinking the pass is a must.

@Dreamer was just there, but she’s at Disney now so might not have time to reply.

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#1 - Extremely crowded - like going in the middle of summer

#2 - Probably not. This has been the trend since about Labor Day. Plus, adding in Fall Breaks / Thanksgiving isn’t going to help ease crowds.

#3 - A “deluxe” hotel stay includes an Express Pass for each person staying at the hotel AND Early Entry into the parks one hour before off-site guests.


We just left Universal yesterday. It was crowded over the weekend. Monday was better. We had express pass because we were at HRH. We were easily able to do everything in three days because of express (and we didn’t even spend all day in the parks). We did some rides multiple times. The only time we waited a long time with express was the train from London to Hogsmeade.
Food lines were insanely long though and mobile ordering there was awful.


I realize that all things that were normal before are not normal now, but my best, least crowded trip to Universal ever was last year, the first Friday through Tuesday of December. Low crowds, great weather and an amazing trip overall.

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