Universal query as to what is open and what is closed

Does someone have a master list somewhere of what’s open and what’s not at Universal Orlando properties? In particular, I’m wondering if both pools are open at Cabana Bay. In general, I’d like to know what’s still closed due to Covid at IOA and USF. I heard that two playgrounds have opened since our mid-April trip (Seuss Landing’s and Camp Jurassic’s). Have more opened?

Is there a site out there that I should know about to answer my queries, and I’ve yet to be enlightened? We’re headed back in June and I’d like to know what else will be available as I anticipate heavier crowds.

Thanks in advance folks.

For attractions it’s on the UOR website under park hours.

As for the resorts, there’s not a central list. Here’s what to expect:

  • Arcade rooms closed
  • If there are multiple pools one or more might be closed

HRH hot tub was closed when I called to book back in February. It may have changed since then.


RPR hot tubs were closed a few weeks ago.


Both Cabana Bay pools were open as of a week ago. They were completely sold out, so no excuse to have any closed.
DD played in both those playgrounds, so those are definitely open.


Thanks for such recent reporting.