Universal Photoconnect locations

I saw this on Facebook and copied it over

Here are our photo opportunities per park for your reference.

Universal Studios Florida
Front Gate Photographer
Rockit Ride Photo
MIB Ride Photo
Mummy Ride Photo
Gringotts in Queue Photo
ET Hot Set
Shrek and Donkey Meet and Greet Photo
Sponge Bob Meet and Greet Photo
Minions Meet and Greet Photo
Transformers Meet and Greet Photo
HHN Roaming Photos during HHN Event

Islands of Adventure
Front Gate Photographer
Hulk Ride Photo
Rip Saw Ride Photo
Jurassic Park Ride Photo
Jurassic Park Raptor Encounter
Jurassic Park Selfie Post
Forbidden Journey Ride Photo
Spider-man Ride Photo
Spider-man Meet and Greet Photo
Seuss Trolley in Queue Photo
Grinch Meet and Greet Photo during Grinchmas

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Thank you for this list

Thanks Tavavin! I just bought the photo package for $60 for 5 days and will use this list! I hemmed and hawed over whether the purchase would be worth it…but being a big “ride photo” purchaser, I figured I can’t lose there. So the non-ride locations will help increase my package value!

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