Universal Photo Package Logistics

I have the My Universal Photos app installed and I have my package confirmation email ready to show.

Can anyone give me an idiots guide to how to get photos?

On our first day, I can just go straight to a ride, right? Then activate the package and add earlier ride photos later that day. Is that right?

Once I’ve activated, do the photos automatically come up on the app for me to download?

Then for subsequent photos, how do I get them? Do I tap my card to something after each ride? What about green screen opportunities like with Spiderman? Do we need to ask specifically for those kind of shots?

Any advice needed and appreciated :laughing::+1:t2:

Oh wait, how do I link the activated package to the app??

I also wonder many of these things. Thank you for posting!

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When I first activated my package, I had some photos taken at the park entrance, and they directed me to one of the stores. I think it was the On Location store. I showed them the card I got from the photographer, and the email confirmation I got for the package I preordered. I think I gave them the email address for the my Universal Photos which I had had from a previous volcano bay trip. They linked the card to the account and the photos soon appeared. For all other rides later that day, I scanned the cards that were already linked to my account.


That’s great, thanks :+1:t2:

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