Universal park hours removed?

I was just checking hours and after July 26 it says “hours not available”. Seems odd since the TP has hours until October. Did Universal remove previously announced hours?
I find it especially odd since now AP rates on premier hotels just posted for dates through the end of October.

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I know they just “unblocked” a few July dates for the “seasonal” AP which typical gets none. Could just be a temp issue while they figure out what to do for the end of they month. Universal is notorious for changing their hours even up to the week of travel.

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Yeah that would make sense. I will remain optimistic and assume all is well, despite rising case count.

Well… not to worry you or cause anyone panic… there’s a RUMOR circulating among a lot of TMs that USF could be re-closing. Not only for COVID, but even with limited capacity they aren’t filling the parks. (Only Volcano Bay fills up)

I don’t I believe it. Having worked in theme parks, I know how fast these rumors spread all over the park. (I guess like any workplace really - but since a lot of the workforce is younger ppl they love to gossip / speculate!)

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Well I wouldn’t be surprised if they were forced to re-close. But I assume they will try to stay open as long as they can.

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The first couple weeks after reopening, the parks have been averaging a crowd level of 2 weekdays and 4 weekends. The past week or so it has ticked up a little to 3 on weekdays and 5 on weekends.

It would be damaging to re-close, especially if WDW is open. Although, I’m sure WDW will pull some people who would have went to UOR.


Okay. And oddly, Citywalk is listed as closed (but has hours listed prior to then) starting August 1. Hmm. I really hope this is a glitch. I will be very frustrated if they decide to close. We have expired tickets that we planned to “transfer” to new tickets for August, so we didn’t request a refund from UT. It is too late to get a refund now, unless UT is granted permission from Universal to refund after the expiration.

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We have UOR booked 7/27-7/30, so I have been watching the UOR website for weeks. There were never any hours posted for these dates as long as I have been looking (only since May once they announced the reopening), they have been adding them 1 week at a time. I check every few days, when I first started checking there were only June dates, then they added the first week in July, then the next. I wouldn’t worry that the lack of dates mean they will close. If they are going to close, they wouldn’t plan for it weeks in advance in my opinion, it would just happen and be immediate or within a few days.


I just confirmed my trip starting August 2 through the 7, if it makes you feel any better. She even upgraded my hotel. Of course I know things can change but she seemed pretty sure they would be open.

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Good to know! I haven’t been checking the dates until now, so had just assumed the dates from TP and Universal’s website would match. Thanks for letting us know otherwise!

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Good to know. Thanks. That makes me feel better.

Curious…what do you mean they upgraded your hotel? Did they actually move you to a different hotel, or just upgraded your room type or something? Which hotel?

I had original called because I needed to add the park to park feature to my tickets but I also decided to I move from Dockside to cabana bay, but It was completely my decision, although she was really trying to talk me into sapphire falls!

Do you know which day of the week they would typically add more hours?

No, I didn’t pay that much attention.

Park hours are now posted through August 9 on Universal’s website.


I noticed that this morning. I was relieved to see it!

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Did you notice that they cut the hours at USF to close at 5pm now, instead of 6pm? IOA is opening an hour later at 10am, but staying until 6pm.

Each park is cutting back one hour per day.

Hmm. Nope. Hadn’t noticed. I’ll have to adjust our plans accordingly. Thanks for the heads up.

ETA: Actually, this might not impact us at all. We have historically been done with the parks each day fairly early anyhow. I think we planned to eat back at the resort each day anyhow.

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That’s a shame. Wonder how long those cut down hours will last? I agree with @ryan1 that we typically don’t need to spend open-close each day at the park… but it would be nice to have the option. 5pm is so early… I want to experience the park at dark a little.

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This is my issue with it too! Riding Hagrid’s at night is supposed to be the “best” way to do it - headlamps on and effects lit up!