Universal Packages of length

Was looking into Universal and trying to find packages of 7 days or more. When your flying from the Midwest you are looking for a least a 7 day stay. Looking at the Royal Pacific for the fast pass thing. Dinning seems restricted to just a few restaurants compared to Disney. Dinning package seems very limited. Guess I am too used to WDW. Would like a new experience but 3 to 4 days is just too short. Older folks and not really thrill ride people. Would like to experience Harry Potter and anything else that isn’t an extreme ride. Should I just stick to Disney or is there some value in visiting Universal? More into eating, relaxing and easy going exhibition.

We got to Universal yearly and stay 2-3 days. That is more than enough, especially if you don’t like thrill rides. We ride everything many times and are still ready to leave after that. We do a split stay- several days/nights at Universal, and then a week at WDW. You could split your week between the two, or get the tickets that include Universal, Sea World, and Discovery Cove.

The rides at Universal are very different to the ones at WDW and are incredible. Then there’s Harry Potter. During my recent 10 day trip to Florida, we visited Universal three times. And I would definitely go back.

It’s not a place for fine dining. And two full days is plenty.

Do a mixed trip like we did :grin:

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It sounds like the hotel is the best part of the experience. I read the Harry Potter books and though they were good but not great. I would like to experience Butter Beer and a wand that likes me. I was hoping for more to see besides the rides. I remember Universal years ago and thought is was great. Now with islands of adventure I thought there would be at least 4 days worth of things we could see and do. As stated, we love the dinning part of a vacation and no I don’t weigh 300 lbs. We do a lot of walking at Disney and kind of burn it all off. If it is mostly thrill rides at Universal then it probably isn’t for us. Like the looks of the hotel though and even at our ages 60+ a little night life is good but not to much. A disappointment finding out one can cover everything in two to three days. Thanks or the come back.:roll_eyes:

I agree with the comments so far. 2-3 days max at Universal. Royal Pacific is a great hotel. We enjoyed it and would go back. Our favourite restaurant by far, and we’re foodies, was Emril’s Tchoup Chop. It was excellent. But I’ve heard they’re shutting it down soon. Very disappointing. 80% of the signature restaurant options at WDW are better than Universal IMO. If you’re looking to eat, relax, and take it easy, I’d book something in the Epcot area. Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk, or Swan. Then you’re surrounded by amazing restaurants with nice strolling options around your hotel.

If you aren’t into thrill rides you probably don’t need 4 days, but don’t talk yourself out of going altogether! Take in the shows at Diagon Alley, do a castle tour in Hogsmeade, wander through IOA and enjoy the theming, and take the Hogwarts Express between the parks. I dare say you’ll find more to do at UOR than you will at Hollywood Studios! If it’s dining you want, there are lots of great options at Citywalk, or try Mythos at IOA. Better yet, check out some of the restaurants at the other resorts (Portofino Bay has some highly-regarded options).

There are lots of folks here who would be glad to hear about what kind of attractions you enjoy and help you put together a touring plan.

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I think you will enjoy universal at least as much as you would disney if not more so

The fact is though the express passes and the fact the parks are linked via hogwarts express (make sure you get park hopper) means that 3 to 4 days will easily cover it.

It’s 2 parks compared to 4 parks at disney remember a with express pass unlimited

Definitely go and do it you will love it

Loads of restaurants to try in City walk as well

We always do split stay between universal and one of the epcot hotels and love both parts of the trip

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I’m going to be the odd man out here and say that, depending on what you want to do and the pace you want to keep, you could easily spend more than 3 days there. On my last trip, I had almost four full days, and I still needed more time. But I am the kind of person who likes to ride my favorite rides repeatedly, really take in all the details in the Harry Potter areas, and truly relax and enjoy myself. If you don’t want any thrill rides at all, including motion simulators, then you probably don’t need that much time. But I would not discount it simply because you don’t think you will need a week there. It’s an amazing place!

Totally agree! However, if the OP is avoiding coasters and simulators, and likes but doesn’t love HP, then 4 days might be a bit long.

Try a split stay. Universal is VERY MUCH worth going to and worth staying ON SITE.
It is CHEAPER (and you have more liberal cancellation) - if you book your package elements separately. I saved A LOT of money by booking the hotel via HOTELS.COM and getting the tickets via UNDERCOVER TOURIST. The meal plan wasn’t worth it - so paying out of pocket was just fine. We love the flexibility of that as there are some days we aren’t hungry and we grab a pizza or something. Additionally there are other times we want to go to a very nice place and by paying out of pocket we have 100% flexibility. Our most favorite meal was poolside at Portafino.

Our last trip we split stayed between US and WDW - spent 3 at US and 4 at WDW. I would NOT want to spend 7 days at the US parks - not nearly enough to see - however would have been more than happy to stay at Portafino the entire time (Downgraded to SWAN and it was a disappointment for sure). So you can make your US hotel your base of operation and go to the cape or do other day trips or day trip into WDW if you want as well. Having the express pass - we were able to see everything we wanted in 2+ days no problem.

To you initial question. YES there is a lot of value going to US - and not just going - but STAYING there. Our time at US was MUCH MORE RELAXING than WDW. But yet the rides and park were really a lot of fun. Harry Potter (even if you aren’t into it) is just awesome. I highly recommend doing a few nights at Portafino and enjoying the more layed back aspects. If you are doing split stay - do WDW and finish up at US. But yes - DO IT!!