Universal Orlando Two-Day/Two-Park Plan (without Early Entry) touring plan question

Using the Universal Orlando Two-Day/Two-Park Plan (without Early Entry) plans and customizing… So, I feel silly asking this but the Day 1/part 1 and Day 1/part 2 have me starting at the same time (in the morning). Do I need to adjust the part 2’s on both days to start in the afternoon?? I assumed the plans would do this for me (hence the title). I’m new to Touring Plans and have never used it before. Thank you in advance!!

Welcome! Please ask anything! Always glad to help… :smile:

Yes. You’ll need to Edit the start times of each plan manually. Go into the large gray box area at the top of the plan, click Edit, then you’ll see that you can adjust the start and end times.

For part one make the end time when you want to leave that park. For part two make the start time when you will arrive to that park.


@arinie17, adding on to this, I will typically optimize part one and see what it gives me as an end time, and then insert that particular end time, plus about twenty minutes, into the start time for part two. Happy planning!

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Thank you both for the advice! Just popped in and did that and worked great! Ended up getting a “free” day with our two day ticket purchase so at least if we are feeling rushed or like we missed something, in particular, with Harry Potter stuff, we can head back for an afternoon and just “be” in the land and enjoy!

So would either of you recommend purchasing the express pass for our trip? We will be going the Saturday before MLK day in January, and then again on that Thursday. Looks like the Thursday will be fine crowd wise but Saturday not looking so good. Thoughts…?

I definitely would - for at least that Saturday. It’s a busy holiday weekend. What I’d really recommend is staying at a on-site Universal Hotel that offers free Express Pass as a perk. You can often save money doing it that way.

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I agree with @darkmite2 that getting a hotel that includes EP may be your best bet. However, as your days aren’t back to back, you would only get one day of EP for your one night stay. If you were able to do to days back to back, one night’s stay would give you two days of EP. If that is not possible, I would wait and see how the actual crowds and waits are and buy the day of, if necessary.

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Possibly for the Saturday, but not for the Thursday.


Thing is, EP is more expensive on busier days, so costs go up. You probably don’t need the EP on Thursday…but then again, if you had it on Thursday it would ensure you could get on everything you didn’t get on the previous Saturday (and more) at a cheaper price.

So, if you think of Saturday more like an explore day (taking your time in WWOHP, etc), and not so focused on getting through all the rides, then Thursday becomes your “get everything done day” and saves you money.

Ahhh, good point, never thought of that. I didn’t realize the price for EP changes. Ugh. I’m used to Disney with the built in Fast Pass. We will not be staying on site as it is an extended family trip and my in-laws have purchased a 5 bedroom home for us to all stay in. Which hey, I’ll take free lodging!

I’m a little nervous on the Saturday but really like your approach which I think would reduce the stress, especially since we have that extra day and could pop back over at a different time. I am still contemplating on changing my 2 day park hopper Dis tix to a 3 day park hopper as we are planning on DHS on MLK day specifically for Star Wars and I think it will be a zoo…

Hard to do a trip with others (first time) as we are also building in no park days/rest days and a trip to Kennedy Space Center/beach as well. So limited on days for parks…

They don’t have Express Pass listed on their website that far out, but if you take as reference Saturday, Dec. 7 compared to Thursday, December 12, you get a price difference for the 2-park Express Pass (NOT Unlimited) of $130 versus $90. So, the same Express Pass costs $40 more per person due to higher crowds.

I can’t find the multi day/multi park plans…what am i missing?

This is where I found them:


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