Universal Orlando rides that accommodate backpacks

Looking for some first-hand experience regarding backpack use in Universal Orlando. Particularly about any rides that do not allow or accommodate a backpack on the ride or to be set near the ride. There are 7 rides that do not allow any bags, phone, keys etc… those rides have free locker system. What about the rest of the rides?

If there is no free locker then bags are allowed. Only 3 have a no item policy RRR Hulk and DD. The other 4 have a no bags policy but you can have money phones keys etc in your pockets

can you wear fanny packs on the rides that don’t allow backpacks?

No. In any case, fanny packs should not be allowed anywhere, on general principle. :wink:

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Thanks for info about bags allowed and difference in not item vs no bag policy. Helps a lot for planning.

No bags - fanny pack or backpack for the rides with free lockers includes: Rip Ride Rockit, Men in Black, Revenge of the Mummy, Hulk, Dragon Challenge, Forbidden Journey, Escape from Gringotts.

Here’s a thread where fanny packs are specifically mentioned as being OK on all but the three metal detector rides that don’t allow anything. This is a much better option than having to mess with lockers for backpacks.

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Thanks for bags and locker link. Very helpful in planning a day at Universal

A member of out group was refused entry to Mummy with fanny pack. TM’s vary in how they apply the rules. It was allowed on MIB and FJ but not Gringotts.

This is good to know, so we won’t be surprised. Thanks for your info!