Universal Orlando - "Hours unavailable"

We have a trip to Universal Orlando Nov 6-9. On their website for the days Sunday Nov 8 and Monday Nov 9, it says Hours Unavailable for all parks. The rest of the month is blank on their calendar, but only these days specifically say Hours Unavailable. Could this potentially mean the parks may not be open on Sunday Nov 8th & Monday November 9th?

It’s highly unlikely the parks would be closed for those days. I think they just haven’t updated the website with the park hours for November.

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They are often slow to update hours.


Universal typically doesn’t have their full schedule up until about a month in advance. I just went on their site and it looks like they are in the middle of doing an update as I type this. I got multiple “errors” trying to navigate to common sections of it.


Their website is a little bit of a mess. At least last I checked Volcano Bay was closed Tuesdays and Thursdays but online their calendar said closed Wednesdays and Fridays. Their showtimes are often not updated online either or are updated for one park but not the other. I brought this up when I called recently and it still wasn’t fixed at least not promptly. I haven’t checked in a week or so.

That website is definitely a disaster.

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yup just checked and it still claims the water park is closed on wednesdays and fridays. That could seriously upset some people if they show up on a Thursday?!?!

Hours are up for November.

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