Universal Orlando 3-Park Unlimited Tickets

They are available from Orlando Ticket Connection. Gives 14-day unlimited park-to-park access. Has anyone used these? At $187 per adult ticket, they seem like a good alternative to an annual pass for us. We will be at the resort for 7 days / 6 nights and would love to come and go to the parks on any of the days we are there. Just wondering if they are as good as they sound. Here’s a link to the ticket info:

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used these in the past. Thanks.

Believe folks on the uni lines app have had these tickets but dont know where they bought them from. They ticket is similar to 14 day UK ticket. Def worth it Think there have been use or expiry dates on them in the past do check that.

I bought them directly from Universal (I was trying to be eligible to ride on a Mardi Gras float by paying with Amex card - that offer has been discontinued however). You have to call because they are not available on the website. It is cheaper to buy them from Undercover Tourist using the Mousesavers link however.

I also bought this type of ticket for our first trip 5 years ago. You get unlimited admission for IOA, US and Wet and Wild for 14 consecutive days.