Universal not an option on trip planner?

Why does my trip plan not give me the option to choose a Universal Orlando park? It only lists Disney parks.

Universal is a separate membership with its own TP.

i paid for both

Are you on the website or the Universal app?

I’m on the website. It says that I have the premium service regarding universal. Still doesn’t let me choose a universal park.

I just created it in the app and it shows up on the web dashboard.

Try going here: https://touringplans.com/universal-orlando/touring-plans

It’s hard for me to get the exact link since I’m not a member of the UOR.

It doesn’t even show Universal in my app. Only disney parks.

There is a separate app for Universal, too.

I have an iOS but here is the app. Did you find it?

If you go to your dashboard there is a drop down at the top of the page where you can switch parks. I think it includes WDW (default), USO, DLR and DCL. I think if you dig around a little more there is DC and Tokyo Disney too but those sites aren’t like the others with the personalized TP’s more just info. Once you create the Universal TP’s or Trip it’ll show up on your dashboard

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And there are different apps for the different sets of parks for the phone so you have to get the right one for your plans to show up there

I could not find how to create a trip in the Universal section of the website. Once I create a trip in the Universal app it showed up on the website dashboard with my Disney trips.

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The website on my laptop works for me.
On my dashboard, I hovered over “Universal Florida” link along top edge, which brought up a pulldown menu. I clicked on “Universal Touring.”
That brought up the main Universal page. Along the right hand edge is a list. Under “Universal Tools” I clicked on “Personalized Touring Plans.”
That put me into the page for starting a plan, very similar to the one for making a WDW plan. I was able to do several of the normal things (name it, pick a date, add rides, etc). I quickly backed out so I could report my experience.

That’s the long way, finding it on my own. Here’s the direct link:


Yes but does it add your trip, dates and resort to your dashboard?

When I create a trip from the app it shows on the list of trips, and I can click on it and see details. If I created touring plans they would be linked here. My phone view:

These are my upcoming trips.

What it looks like today when I clock on it:

Did I tell you I am going to HHN, and I am excited? :wink:

In the past, when I have created my trip on my desktop, it always shows up in my app dashboard as well. If that’s the question you’re asking.

No, how do you create a Universal trip, with resort and dates on the website?

Ah, I getcha now. You wanted trip, my mind saw plan. Sorry, I’ll try again.

I don’t think there is a Universal section on my dashboard, I think that page works for your whole profile. I have WDW and DLR subscriptions, not UOF. But I was still able to create a test UOF trip and have it appear on my dashboard. It shows my UOF test plan on the right day.

ETA: I only have WDW Lines app, not DLR or UOF, so I can’t help with app issues.

I saw trip and thought trip, but reading again, @stephaniebterry might only be looking for touring plans?