Universal Must-dos

My husband and I are big Potter fans. We are in our 30s so were the perfect age for the books and movies when they were originally released.

We are going to Orlando for a week in June and will be staying at Disney. We are spending one day in each of the Disney parks and are allocating one day to explore all things Potter at Universal.

My question is, what else should we see? Admittedly, when looking at the list of universal attractions, there isn’t much that gets us excited outside of the wizarding world.

I’ve planned time for Jurassic Park, ET and Kong because we love the movies and the King ride does look impressive. Outside of those three, there isn’t much else that seems like a must do… am I missing something?

We have park to park tickets but will not be paying for express passes. We are both fine on all types of rides. So I’m just curious if there are rides that are simply impressive, regardless of whether or not you care about the movie.

We mostly went to see the all of the HP stuff there too, but we also really enjoyed the MIB ride where you get to shoot aliens, The Mummy, and Transformers. My husband liked The Hulk and Rip, Ride, Rockit but having forgotten to take my motion sickness meds that morning, I had to sit them out.

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The big coasters at UOR are definite must dos for me!

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So I am a big coaster fan, but I also grew up going to Cedar Point in Ohio. Are the coasters in Universal good rides or are they just popular because they are coasters in Orlando where coasters do not take priority over slower rides with impeccable theming?

I suppose that when compared to coasters at the big thrill-themed parks they do not seem quite as good, but they still are impressive nevertheless.

The Mummy, Hulk, Spider-man. Personally I never enjoy RRR as much as I think I should. I think the music puts me off. Still good though.

Thanks - I don’t mean to be a coaster snob, but it just gives me some perspective since we probably won’t be back to Orlando for at least five or six years. Helps me make a priority list.

I’d def give RRR a try. I heard the new Fallon ride was good too. The Mummy is great, Spider-man, Dr Doom’s free fall, Jurassic Park, Kong. If you don’t mind waiting in line long, the Popeye ride is a nice way to get cooled off. Other than the wizarding world, that’s about all UoO has.

So I’ve heard a lot about minions and simpsons… but we’re not huge fans of either franchise… seeing as they are not mentioned here, safe to skip?

Simpsons is fun but not really a must do. I haven’t done Minions, but I did the ride in 2 previous versions and it’s completely unimpressive. I’d also say that Dr Doom isn’t half as good as ToT and is completely skippable for us.

I do not love a drop ride… so will probably skip. ToT only gets a pass because of the pre-show, incredible themeing and ride design.

I don’t love drop rides either!

Personally, I love the Transformers ride, but I love Potter so much, I would forget everything else and have a fully immersive Potter experience. On my trips, I like to take one day dedicated to just HP, but I always go for multiple days.