Universal must be embarrassed by Volcano Bay?

When we booked our hols last year we were looking forward to Volcano Bay

When we saw the terrible reviews we decided to give it a miss

Those terrible reviews just continue

Surely they need to act and do something significant soon

They can’t just continue giving people terrible days out

The latest reviews are worse than ever?

How come they’ve not restricted access whilst they sort the problems out?

They should be embarrassed

But nothing ive seen so far suggests they even care about the experiences people are facing in there?

Very strange

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This is the latest review. But it’s one of many that say the same things every day.

I feel sorry for anyone who wastes a day of their holiday there right now

“We visited on Tuesday of this week with express pass. Even with express pass, the park was very busy. When the park opened fully, people were actually running to get a sunbed. It was crazy. The sun beds are all located on beach type areas so wheelchair users or people with limited mobility had a big struggle. The queues for the rides were ridiculous. We were there for 5 hours and only managed 2 rides. By 12 o’clock, the ride time waits were over 200 minutes on the whole and you can only register for one ride at a time. There was a 325 minute wait for the drop tube!!! The park is not friendly to people with limited mobility at all as there was only 2 rides that had lifts. The rest had stairs which was no use. The place was very overcrowded and in my opinion, the levels of capacity had to be reduced or the system for rides has to change. I would not waste my time of money going to this park!!”

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The Unofficial Unversal Podcast did a show on Volcano Bay this week. Although they did say there is still work to be done they had many positive things to say.

Let me state I think Universal overall is brilliant so I’m not anti universal but based on the standards they set elsewhere then customer satisfaction at Volcano Bay clearly isn’t good enough

Since it’s opened its TA reviews average just 2.5 out of 5 which is appalling for somewhere like this where people go to have a great time

And it’s not improving based on the reviews - as the last 10 reviews averaged just 2 out of 5

Compare it to the average 4.5 out of 5 they get elsewhere and Universal clearly have a problem they need to solve before they lose a lot of goodwill

I’m surprised they haven’t taken action already

They aren’t even responding to the bad reviews on TA to show they care?

Like I say I’m just grateful I read the reviews and didn’t waste a day of my holiday there

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Are you referring to Trip Advisor Ratings?

Yes. That’s what I use myself to plan things to do and Hotels and restaurants.

But even in universal restaurants the waiting staff were advising to give volcano bay a miss at the moment. Concierge at our universal hotel said the same. When your own staff don’t have confidence in guests having a good experience it says a lot.

I’m just surprised they’ve not taken action to change things by now

Just reduce numbers allowed in surely?

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It has been open for one season. Interest will level off, and they will learn from the experience.