Universal lines app bugs

Install the wdw app and see if that is difference?

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That is very strange! I’m at a loss as to what it might be.

And I have Android 11 and I have a Samsung.

It’s so weird because I don’t even have that as an option on that screen. Mine looks just like @bebe80’s.

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So you have the TP wdw app installed? I am trying to figure out what is different.

I went into Android settings for the app and deleted the cache. Problem fixed.


Well, poop, I just did a cache clear and it didn’t clear that problem.
It isn’t a big deal to me, since I can enter the ride times by going to the ride first. But, Ryan and I can’t be the only ones with this problem.

Ah good! I don’t think this would happen on a flagship Galaxy. I think cache clear is automatic.

I should say I did clear cache AND data. I always do both. You will have to log back in.

I have a Galaxy S20, 11 Android, does same thing to me. On the latest updates the app supposedly gives a “ride now” or “wait” recommendation, I don’t even see that.

Nope. I deleted the data also, and I still get that button.
I have Android 10 on a Stylus 5.

Did you also try uninstalling and re-installing the app?

I did that first. Don’t know why that would make a difference, though. Just comparing.

My app has been giving this recommendation for years. I’m starting to wonder if I’m operating on some kind of fluke app…

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I’ve always had the “ride now” or “wait”. Note the my Always started about a year and half ago.
For example, JP River Adventure says to “Wait. Lines dropping until 6:45pm (19 min)”
It is now 62 minutes, so that sounds like an idea.

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