Universal July 4th Week

Tell me about Universal parks on 4th of July. Looks like both parks have a low crowd levels compared to Disney parks. We are just trying to decide which parks for which days. We want to do 2 universal days and 2 Disney days and a couple relax/Orlando days.

I held off on answering this, hoping someone with actual July 4 experience would respond. But it appears not. So, I can say this. In 2015, I was there the week of July 4, but actually left on July 2. The crowds were high, but not unbearable, but we had EP and a good plan. Now, that having been said, I believe that with Hagrid’s motorbike ride opening less than a month before that, crowds may be higher than usual. I can’t say how they will compare to Disney crowds, as I have never been to Disney around that time. I would say look at the historical crowds on the 4th of July for the last couple years to get a general idea, but then assume slightly larger crowds due to Hagrid and go from there.

We went around that week the year Hogsmeade opened up. It was crowded there (2 hour waits just to get into HP stores!), but the rest of the park (and US) wasn’t bad at all. When we compared it to the Disney parks especially. One of the days we were there, it rained in the morning, and the parks were both empty, including Hogsmeade!

We did UO for 5 nights over July 4th last year (2018). Crowds were reasonable, even on the 4th. If I had to compare it to Disney, I would say close to a 4/5 on Disney’s scale. We had EP, but wait times weren’t bad with standby.

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